About us

Bureau for Information and Communication Technology (BICT) was created on 23rd May 2017 with a mandate to pioneer the ICT program of the state and to also supervise operations of the State Library board. Bureau for ICT is aimed at strengthening the operations of Nasarawa State Civil Service and improving service delivery through identification of huge capacity gaps in critical areas of ICT and government work, strategic thinking abd policy analysis, analytics needed in the vision to sustain accelerated growth of Nasarawa economy and translate this to clear improvement in lives of citizens. The Bureau for ICT in line with the Nasarawa State Government Economic Development strategy (NEDS) works to ensure the ease of doing business in Nasarawa State , through effective websites for MDAs and active communication channels and providing response to inquiries. BICT focuses on taking the administration's message of digitalization, digital transformation and use of digital technologies to all Nasarawa state MDAs in line with ICT goals. FUCTIONS OF BICT 1. Powering e-Government initiatives and project in the state 2. Regulation of ICT hardware and software acquisition by providing government with hardware and software specifications prior to contractual obligations for system acquisitions. 3. Monitor and provide certification for all ICT projects in the state . 4. Provision of Technical/Help Desk support and maintenance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related issues within MDAs. 5. Maintenance of Email addresses for government functionaries on the state domain www.nasarawastate.gov.ng 6. Provision of Intranet and Internet System to encourage automation and reduce bureaucracy in communication within MDAs 7. Taking periodic inventory of ICT equipment within MDAs 8. Prepare ICT projects and programme concepts for the State Government. 9. Responsible for ICT policy preparation/ review for approval of Mr. Governor and state EXCO. 10. Responsible for Implementation of the approved ICT policy of the state 11. Responsible for preparation/implementation of ICT strategy for the state. 12. Facilitate rapid development of IT and enabling physical infrastructure. 13. Design, deploy, troubleshoot and maintain all network infrastructure