Meet Our Management Team at BICT

Here is our team of skilled professionals responsible for overseeing and executing information and communication technology initiatives and projects at the Bureau

Acting Director General

Hon. Haruna Sani Sani

Administrative Secretary

The Administrative Secretary is responsible for providing comprehensive administrative support to management and staff, including managing schedules, handling correspondence, organizing meetings, and maintaining office operations.

Head of Admin

The Head of Admin, also known as the Administrative Manager or Administrative Head, is a senior-level professional responsible for overseeing and managing the administrative functions of an organization.

Director Finance and Account

The Director of Finance and Accounts, often referred to as the Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is a high-ranking executive responsible for managing the financial aspects of an organization.

Director e-Library

The Director of e-Library is a key leadership position responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of an electronic library or digital resource center within an organization.

Director Training

The Director of Training is a senior-level professional responsible for designing, developing, and implementing comprehensive training and development programs within an organization.

Director Information

The Director of Information is a senior executive responsible for managing and overseeing the organization’s information management strategies and processes. This role involves developing.


An Auditor is a professional responsible for evaluating and examining financial records, statements, and processes to ensure accuracy, compliance with regulations.

Director e-Governance

The Director of e-Governance is a senior executive responsible for driving the implementation and advancement of electronic governance initiatives within a government organization.

Director Maintenance

The Director of Maintenance is a key leadership position responsible for overseeing and managing the maintenance activities within an organization or facility.

Head of Reader Section

The Head of Reader Section is a managerial role responsible for overseeing and leading the operations of the reader services or user services section in a library or information center.

Secretary Management

The Secretary Management refers to the efficient and effective coordination and organization of secretarial services within an organization.